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Soooo...you people who care know about it: I have decided to stop writing in LiveJournal, at least for now. I will still use it to read my friends page, so please keep me friended! I've moved my archives from 2004 to now over to a Wordpress blog: (witty title) Please update your links accordingly. :-)The archives beyond that will remain here.

It's been real. ;-)

color quizzes...

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Man...I really love weddings. Put aside any of the dorky I'm a girl, of course I love weddings, ny of the I've planned weddings in my head for years...the actual wedding ceremonies. All of them. It's a way for you, as a couple, to show the world how much you care about your significant other, and to bring together friends and family in so much love. I'm in Indianapolis with my dad, as I've said before, for a friend's wedding. It was a CSC wedding...meaning Father Gary was there. I'm not Catholic, not in any way...but something about this ceremony just made me feel so...happy. It was as if everyone there was part of a huge family, and I love that. I love that about a church community, and I love how that always happens at weddings. Or...at least...at the weddings I've been to in my relatively short life so far.

I don't know if any of that makes sense to any of you people reading it...but I needed to get it out there. Weddings. They are beautiful occasions, and I hope there are many more for me to go to in the future...maybe one of my own someday...when I find that someone to love and honor.


Grey's Anatomy...

Still...rocks my socks. Love that show, and I only discovered it in the last few months.

Woo. And also, thank goodness for being able to watch the episodes online!

Okay, I'm off to Indianapolis NOW.

rate hike

Dude. WTF, postage went up again? It costs .42 to send a letter and .27 to send a postcard. Argh, and I had just bought a coil of 41 centers. Ai yai yai. Just when I want to start writing letters again, prices go up. Wooooo.

At least there are these cool postcard stamps...


I'm off this weekend to a wedding in Indianapolis...Dad and I will leave at noon tomorrow. Should be fun, I hope.

After 'while, crocodiles.


I have scheduled my GRE. September 29 is DOOOOOMSday.


That is all.

May. 16th, 2008

It's real...I may have actually graduated in August...but I saw my name in today's commencement program...so it's REAL.

I haven't been able to get this stupid grin off my face, all day!


My colleague, Greg...passed away tonight. 

May. 6th, 2008

I realize I haven't written in here in awhile...
The last few nights, I've had really vivid, really ODD dreams, involving various guy friends of mine.

I'm currently reading "The Senator's Wife" by Sue Miller. I really like it, and recommend it. I have a bunch more books coming to me through the best system ever, Mobius.

I had more to say but I don't remember anymore. Ugh, this has become a recurring pattern.

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